Adult Bible Classes

Traditionally called "Sunday School", our Communities of Training and Bible Classes guard against the act of just filling individuals with head knowledge, functioning rather as meaningful relational communities studying Scripture

to be trained for a godly, victorious life.

See class details below. 

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Classes

Ladies Bible Study | All-Ages | 6:30PM

Teacher: Madelyn Galvin

Topic: The Book of Genesis

Room: Conference Room

NEW Men's Class | Ages 14-114 | 6:30PM

Starting October 4

Teacher: Pastor Steve Harper

Topic: The Christian Man by: Patrick Morley

Room: #225

NEW Women's Class | Ages 14-114 | 6:30PM

Starting October 4

Teacher: Connie Ashenfelter

Topic: Being and Everyday Esther

Room: #224

Our Current Sunday Communities of Training

All meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15 or 11:00 am

Todos los domingos a las 9:15 o 11:00 de la mañana

Adult Bible Class| 9:15

Teacher: Bob Salsgiver & Roy Danielian

Topic: The Jordan River Rules: The Journey from Transition to Triumph.

Room #225

Cristo es la Esperanza | 10:00

Profesor:  Jose Lara

(Este grupo habla en español)

Cuarto #261

Por todas las edades

909 Student Ministries 11:00

Students are invited to join the adult bible class this quarter (see below.)

Adult Bible Class| 11:00

Teacher: Andy Galvin

Topic: Joshua

Room #225

If you would like to start a new community, contact C.O.T. leader Bob Salsgiver.