BiMonthly Update - February 2024

Community Grace Family Member,

Thank you so much for your generous giving and "faith promises" toward our “Building Impact Initiative." We have been so pleased by our congregation’s generosity.

As you heard announced on "Faith Promise Sunday," February 4, the total amount given so far was $94.489.10 plus additional faith promises of $49,972.28 for the remainder of 2024. That places us at 73% of the total goal of $200,000, which is a good place to be at the outset of the year. Please continue placing a priority on God's plans for impact through Community Grace. 

Based on this start, we are able to go forward with some of our five focuses that need to begin soon. We have contracted with Core Mechanical Services to engineer and install the new central air conditioning unit, Lord-willing during LCA's upcoming spring break (focus item #1). We have begun our planning for the time LCA moves off our campus in the next 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 years (focus item #3). We are about to launch a new Mobilization Team that will focus on local outreach, including to the nations who live among us (focus item #4). And, we are preparing our initial prayer and vision team to travel to Central African Republic to meet our partners on the ground there for ministry to the Fulani people (focus item #5). 

Read about all five focus items in detail here. 

The Faith Promises everyone made are for 2024. This means we have 10 1/2 remaining months to pray, share, and enjoy many updates and testimonies to come. Many of you made a Faith Promise that indeed required faith from you and will allow you to see how God provides as He promises. This is why we have called this a spiritual journey.

As God works in your life or ministries in which you are involved, we would love to hear the stories. Please take a minute to share them with the church office at

For giving instructions and all Building Impact Initiative information, visit that page at any time, right here

For God's glory and our joy,

Pastor Reg and the Leadership Team of Community Grace

Testimonies of the Impact of Generosity

Testimonies to the joy of generosity and the impact of giving at Community Grace!

Read our most recent testimony here.

  • Vince & Andrea Sell,

    "God is going to work with or without my gift, but I would rather be a part of what God is doing than not."

    We’ve been attending Community Grace as a couple since 2014. It is where we got married, where our kids have been dedicated, and where we have been challenged and encouraged by people who love us. Our closest friends and the people who know us best are here.

    Giving our tithe to Community Grace allows us to take greater ownership in the mission the church seeks to accomplish in our community. Not only are we volunteering our time and our talents, but we are also giving back a portion of the financial gifts God has given us to further His mission through our church.

    A good reminder to me is that God is going to work with or without my gift, but I would rather be a part of what God is doing than not. When you give, no matter how much, it is going to go further than any particular goal or project because it is money given for God's work.

    As a young boy and a pastor’s son, I was given the task in our small church to be an "usher" and pass the offering plates each Sunday. I did this for countless years and each Sunday I got the opportunity to watch my father drop his own check into the offering plate. He was a pastor and still saw the purpose of tithing as something he needed to do.

    As I grew older, and started making my own money my parents always stressed the importance of giving back to God "of the first fruits." My parents taught me this was 10% of the gross of my paycheck. I never had a problem with their rule because I saw them taking it as seriously as they expected me to take it.

    I continued to tithe into college, as a single man, and we continued as a young married couple with significant student loan debt. It was nonnegotiable. Sometimes things were tight, but there was always enough. I wouldn't say we have ever had a lot, but what we have had has been enough.

    We have come to find that God has blessed us in so many ways, it seems wrong to not give him a portion back. He asks for our whole heart but only a tenth of our paycheck. It could have been the other way around, but He is a good father who wants to give good things to His children.

    We want to be good children and answer his love with our gifts. We encourage you to consider a gift to The Building Impact Fund and invest in the future of our Church!

  • Guillermo and Linda Barbosa, 
    "This church has invested in these ministries not only financially but with resources."

    This is Guillermo Barbosa, and I have been a member of Community Grace since 12/15/2021. Being a part of this church has been a wonderful experience! It is hard to describe in words the joy, and my spiritual journey has been fantastic.

    This church invests in a variety of ministries and I was privileged to participate in the Men’s Leadership Classes that started in January and finished in May 2023. It impacted my life drastically because I felt that I grew spiritually more in those months than in previous years.

    It helped me to get to know other men in the church better, which made me more comfortable being part of this church. The classes were very well prepared and very well presented, impacting the lives of many men and their families.

    I have been privileged to work in the summer soccer camp and winter Friday Night soccer ministries. This church has invested in these ministries not only financially but with resources. The church provided the means to purchase new goals, new soccer balls, and did some repairs to the gym. These ministries have been successful, and now we have expanded to include girl’s soccer ministry on Saturdays.

    I am participating in the “Building Impact Initiative” because through it, we will impact the local and global mission; individuals, families, and our community will be blessed and God will be glorified. I am happy to do it, and I encourage others to participate. God loves a cheerful giver.

  • Scott and Anne Schramm
    "Giving is a blessing that is an eternal investment."

    We've attended Community Grace for 32 years. In that time, we have seen a lot of high points and some low points. We believe the Lord is currently blessing Community Grace and we are very excited, probably more than ever, to see where He is going to take us and how we are going to be able to impact the world for Christ! 

    God has worked in a variety of seasons in our lives from being college students, newlyweds, new parents, raising children, empty nesters to grand parenting. Through the teaching, rubbing shoulders with godly friends, and opportunities to serve we have grown in our relationships with Christ throughout the years. 

    By giving financially, God is using what He has blessed us with, to bless all at Community Grace, the community of Warsaw and the World! Whether it's through our general budget, missions giving, or meeting a certain need, we love supporting our church's needs and also hearing reports of people being impacted for Christ outside of our church through Community Grace's impact.  The joy that comes across a face when people have been unexpectedly blessed is contagious! It is also a good feeling to be obedient to the Lord in our giving!

    If you're considering giving to the Building Impact Fund, we would say to look at the goals and purposes of this giving. If you feel these are things that you believe are important and you are feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit, then give!

    We believe you will be blessed by developing consistent giving throughout the entire year! Giving is a blessing that is an eternal investment. Everything we have has been given to us from our Heavenly Father. It brings God joy when we give financially and can be done by any age. If you give to the Building Impact Initiative it will not only bless the areas you are involved with at Community Grace but it will bless all activities held at 909 S Buffalo, Warsaw community, and the world! 

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